Saturday, February 2, 2008

Joseph Cookies

These are for our favorite little Liberian who is being baptized tomorrow!

Roll out, cut and bake a round sugar cookie.
Ice with chocolate butter cream icing.

Hot knife to make them smooth.

Use a #4 tip to make the white of the eye and #3 tip to make the black of the eye.

Using the 'grass' tip make the hair.

Make eye brows.
The eye brows are the most important part because it shows such 'expression'.

LOL...some of these look mad, mischievous, sweet...

May you never know a day that you wander from God Joseph.


Jenn said...

these cookies look like my little boy, too :o)

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Glad you like them! :o)

Just little ol'me said...

oohhhh those are sooooo cute!!!!I will definitely be back to see what other cute and adorable things you make. Found you thru KimC.