Thursday, January 3, 2008

Commander Cooper's Cake

Bake a sheet cake and a small mound cake.
I used a special Wilton pan for this,
but you could use a large muffin pan and stack two on top of each other.
Ice the bottom layer.
Use a skewer, a straw or lollipop stick to hold it in place.

Using brown icing map out a trail to the tent and across the cake.
Place the action figure where you want him.
I used a shell tip, but you could also use a large round tip to make rocks.
After they air dry a bit you can smooth them out and shape them with your fingers.
If you place some rocks and/or grass near your man it will help hold him in place.
Pipe in the opening of the tent.

Write the greeting and hot knife the icing on the tent.
Then pipe out the outline/poles of the tent, pictured below.

Add some grass for your borders and near the rocks.

This is a fun cake!

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