Saturday, March 29, 2008

Davy...Davy Crocket

These pictures are over-exposed I know. I took them in a hurry.

This was for a little boy's birthday. He loves Davy Crocket,
this is a coonskin hat.
Made using brown, black and gray icing and the grass tip.

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Dana said...

It's hard to take pictures of anything white (or bright, like sand, snow, etc) with a flash. You might try turning it off next time.

You can also download a free photo editing program from Google called Picasa. You can even batch edit if all of them have the same problem. I use it a LOT!

Your coonskin cap cake is ADORABLE! Kate is a big Davey Crocket fan for some strange reason. She would love something like this. I'll have to remember it for her birthday.