Monday, March 31, 2008

Reviews of the Cake DVD

14 Year old
Taylor writes:

This DVD clearly and professionally explains all of the steps on icing your cake, tips, decorating,etc.! It is presented in a very easy way for beginners to understand. I loved this DVD and after watching it couldn't wait to get started on my own cake! I highly recommend this DVD.

Kelly, of Hearts for Family says:

"My daughter and I watched our Cake Decorating DVD today, and I was most impressed! Kathy explains things so well, and makes it look so easy that my daughter made a cake right after watching! (And did a great job.) The video is full of details like how to hot-knife the icing, or keep the cake from crumbling, and how to make all kinds of basic designs. Whether you're a beginner or just need some brushing up, this DVD is just right. My favorite part is that my girls can have a detailed class on one of the home-arts, without ever leaving the house. And for a mother of seven, that's worth a lot!"


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